Imitate Their Faith

I’m sure I’ve not read every sermon that the late Vance Havner preached, but over the past several years I’ve read as many as I could get my hands on.

Just recently I’ve reread some that have reminded me of how helpful it has been to read this preacher from the past. Very similar to the impact A.W. Tozer has had on me, Havner has left a lasting mark on my soul. Here are a few statements that speak volumes of our day today.

Here are simply two statements I’ve reread recently…

“We are a generation of cheap Christians going to heaven as inexpensively as possible; religious hobos and spiritual deadbeats living on milk instead of meat, crusts of bread instead of manna, as though we were on a cut-rate excursion.”

“God would not have us merely “take a stand,” He would have us walk. Too many have taken a stand and are still standing; for years they have made no progress.”

I read statements like this from preachers of old and my jaw if found dropped and the look of shock is on me that I just read this from a dead man. With the kind of accuracy I start looking to see if maybe I missed something and he’s still living. The impact of a changeless God lays on every generation with striking accuracy.

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