Imitating Marriage

As the hearing began today at the highest court level I see again that people want to claim what is not theirs by force and by imitating the original. Only what is real and has value is ever imitated. Cheap knock offs are never imitated.

Marriage between one man and one woman is ordained by God and given value by His blessing it and warning no man to ever attempt to destroy or tear it apart.

There are many people expressing their opinions about this significant hearing. The result of this hearing will effect our nation, regardless of the outcome.

As for me, I’m pleased to express and plead to God for the preservation of marriage as defined by Him in the Bible. Even if the law of the land changes the meaning of the word marriage I must speak of it and defend that which God ordained and blessed with great value. This idea of marriage should not be worshiped, but surely defended as its meaning and value are being stripped, changed, weakened and devalued.

How do I show this to my church and community?

  • give intentional attention to my marriage.
  • speak in favor of the historic definition of marriage.
  • press my local legislators to give the church freedom to conduct marriages without the mandate of a state issued marriage license.
  • speak with clarity to the young in our church of what is God ordained and pleasing biblical marriage.
  • remind all biblically married people that their marriage is not stripped of value if the law of the land cheapens marriage by redefining it.
  • pray to God for my marriage.
  • pray to God for the integrity of marriage in the land.
  • ask God to restore marriages that are broken or on the verge of disaster.


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