In Times Like This

It was nearly eight years ago.

I would have to preach Psalm 46 to myself again and again and again. Today? I preach it to myself still.

Scripture is more than just words on a page. They’re not magical words on a page that come true when you say them in the correct order or read them by moon light. They are more than mere words on a page because they tell of who God is.

In Psalm 46, God is our refuge and strength, a helper who is always found.

Because He is this, “we will not be afraid”. This does not read, “we don’t have to be afraid”, it is “we will not be afraid”.

I would, and still do, have to preach that to myself often. Because you are God, I will not be afraid. Even if the earth shakes and the mountain tops melt into the depths of the sea, even if the water rages and foams, even if turmoil is in my inner man, I will not be afraid.

~rest~ (Selah)

While all around me was and can still be in confusion, there is a river that “delights in the city of God.” Where God is, all things are subject to Him. Though the earth shakes, mountains melt, nations rage, kingdoms foam, the earth becomes mush… The LORD of Host is with us, “the God of Jacob is our stronghold.”

~rest~ (Selah)


Come, see the works of the LORD. He holds all things by the power of His word. He is the LORD of angel armies. He provides for the needs of His people and even for the needs of those who curse His name. He causes wars to cease. He shatters the works of man.

I will not be afraid.

I will preach this again! For the sake of my soul, I will preach this today!

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