Intentional Apathy

If the past 42 years is any indication, the church will soon forget the  horrors of what has been happening in the United States of America since 1973 again.

Over 50 million babies have been intentionally murdered in the name of convenience. Laws have been passed since 1973 to protect the practice of the inhumane, barbaric, godless behavior of a people with a seared conscience.

What kind of nation does that?

An immoral nation does that!

We have a moment in time to speak into this issue again. Defunding Planned Parenthood does not eliminate the practice of abortion in the nation, it is simply a starting point that must happen. The sanctity of life is a God honoring duty that cannot be reduced simply to a political issue.

We must engage on this matter with our government. Press them to defund, press them to investigate, press them to incarcerate law breakers, press them to abolish all abortion.

The first day of the hearing to defund Planned Parenthood of federal funds was September 9, 2015. The opening day hearing lasted over three hours. It is long and at times difficult to endure. But listen to me, Planned Parenthood must be defunded. The testimony is horrific at times, unthinkable even. The defense of abortion is insulting to all of humanity and unconscionable at all levels.

You may want to consider gathering your entire family together to watch the opening day testimony and questioning of the witnesses.

You need to be prepared to be shocked.

Don’t waste the day, rather redeem it for the glory of God. Activate your family and motivate your church to press the government to start with defunding Planned Parenthood so long as they offer abortions to women. Continue to press for outlawing abortion all together.

Begin asking God to raise up our sons and daughters to run for public office until this godless murdering of infants and unborn children is stopped.

Who asked the government to have a hand in parenthood anyway? Perhaps it was an intentionally apathetic church. To not want to know what is happening behind the closed doors of Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers is an intentional posture that eventually leads us down the road of not caring.

God, forgive us.

God, help us.

All 3 and 1/2  hours of opening day testimony and questions. If you watch anything the movie industry produces or network/cable television then your children are not too young to hear what is going on every day in our nation to babies. Don’t protect them from the horror of this while you subject them to the horror of the morality of the secular culture; prepare them, instruct them, equip them, expect them to want to God fearing activists. We must stop raising intentionally apathetic generations.

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