Is There No Conscience In The Nation Today?

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Donald Trump grew up all of the sudden and then, like a politician driven by popularity, backed off a logical conclusion amid political pressure. Showing he is more a politician than he wants to admit. His initial response to one of the best questions I’ve ever heard Chris Matthews (MSNBC) ask, ever, was a good start at realizing the office of president is serious. (Do not take my comments as support of Donald Trump or Chris Matthews.)

I won’t take the time to rehash the interview from earlier (because I don’t have regular TV or cable)  but it was refreshing to see and hear good journalism questions of serious weight and good to hear an answer with some substance… But just like that – it’s over.

There is reason to stop and consider what’s being asked and how does this get logically answered.

If abortion were to be illegal in America  – who does the law punish? The woman? The doctor? The one financing the abortion? What about the one who got the woman pregnant? It is required of the law to answer this or what’s the point?

Logic demands there has to be some kind of punishment for those who do illegal things or people will do illegal things.

If you don’t punish murderers then expect murder to increase.

Is there no conscience in the nation today?

To say a woman who seeks out an illegal abortion should not have a legal consequence for such actions is unconscionable. That doesn’t mean compassion is not considered for the plight of a difficult situation and the suffering of real pain.

Is abortion murder or not?

Let the nation talk about this for a while. Let conscience be heard again in the land.

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