Isaiah, the Evangelist

God will protect those He has redeemed, the church, and all that belong to it. This sermon series in Isaiah is now 10 sermons strong as we approach chapter 4 this Lord’s Day (October 15).

Gather with us on October 15 for the next sermon; “The Glory of the Church” at 10:30 a.m. in Twin Falls, Idaho. If unable to gather with us in person consider live streaming HERE:

Isaiah has established a strong case for the Gospel with the first two messages in chapters 1-3. In chapter 4 he “Swings for the fence” and does not disappoint.

He identifies the Messiah as the “Branch of the LORD. He lays the ground work for a fruitful gospel harvest, the “fruit  of the earth”. Here he makes it clear that those in danger are the ones who look for a refuge, those who are hungry look for food, those who are weary seek rest, those who know of a coming storm seek for shelter.

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