Lord, Thy Church on Earth is Seeking

I read this hymn last week while in Greeley, Colorado.
Words by Hugh Braham Sherlock.

Lord, Thy Church on Earth is seeking

Lord, Thy Church on Earth is seeking
Thy renewal from above;
Teach us all the art of speaking
With the accent of Thy love.
We would heed Thy great commission;
“Go ye into every place;
Preach, baptize, fulfill My mission,
Serve with love and share My grace.”

Freedom give to those in bondage,
Lift the burdens caused by sin;
Give new hope, new strength and courage,
Grant release from fears within.
Light for darkness, joy for sorrow;
Love for hatred, peace for strife.
These and countless blessings follow
As the Spirit gives new life.

In the streets of every city
Where the bruised and lonely dwell,
We shall show the Savior’s pity,
We shall of His mercy tell.
In all lands and with all races
We shall serve and seek to bring
All the world to render praises,
Christ, to Thee, Redeemer, King.


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