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Sword and Dagger
Sword and Dagger

Recently my church gave me a gift to get my bible rebound. I had researched this earlier in the year and had decided, due to expense, that I would likely just start looking for a new preaching bible. (I had already done the unthinkable and attempted to keep all the sections together with duct tape. Don’t do it. That solution worked for a few months but actually made things worse.)

After receiving that generous gift last week from Eastside Baptist Church, I did one more shot at researching to see if there was a local book binder. To my surprise, I found a story in the Times News of a book binder in Twin Falls.

I sent a text last night and he encouraged to bring my bible in today.

So, like loved ones getting ready to say good-bye for a few days, I said good-bye to my preaching bible. (I charged up my camera to be sure to take photos of our parting.) Not knowing how long it might be before we would see each other again, I removed all pieces of paper, notes, old bulletins, page markers, and everything personal. I also decided to take my travel bible that has seen better days to inquire of it being rebound.

Within a few moments of sitting in Darin Dodd’s living room, I was convinced that my sword and dagger were in good hands. Yes, right here in Twin Falls, Idaho, Renew Bookbinding is located in the basement of the Twin Falls Bible Missionary Church. And the pastor, Darin Dodd, is the master bookbinder who will be doing the work.

While there, pastor Darin Dodd took me to his office and rebinding shop. He is currently in the process of rebinding a first edition collection of sermons by Charles Wesley.


and he let me hold them. I could have stayed for hours (as if the two I had already spent wasn’t enough.)

Here’s the plan: I’ll be without my sword and dagger for a few weeks, but when Darin is finished I’ll have completely rebound bibles ready for heavy use again. After the work of binding is complete he will re-cover both in the finest leather; Nigerian Goat Skin. I asked Darin if I could come by from time to time to check in on my bibles and he said “of course”.

I’ll keep you posted.

In the mean time, do you have a bible you’ve been wanting to get rebound? Contact my new friend Darin at Renew Bookbinding; 319-850-1421 or email him HERE. If you are from out of town (Twin Falls) and you want him to do some work for you, let me know and I’ll make arrangements for you. (I can even go visit your bible while he’s working on it.)

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