Men Who Separate Themselves from their Families

This article appeared in the Twin Falls Weekly News from the Philadelphia Ledger on August 14, 1904.

“Men who separate themselves from their families pay a very high price for success. Some of the very greatest failures in life in America in recent years have been failures of men whose lives and careers are blazoned abroad as those of great, successful men. Their sons are noted for their worthlessness, degenerate sons of worthy hires. These young men are unfitted to make a living for themselves, and they are unfitted to spend the money which their fathers piled up with infinite pains and labors. In these cases it is extremely doubtful if the worthless sons are to be blamed; the fathers, the great, successful men, are primarily at fault because though they made money and a name, they did not give any time or pains or thought at all to the most important work in the world, which is the rearing of honorable and useful men.”

(HT: Andrew Vawser)

I can agree that this is the “most important” work in the world so long as gospel proclamation is the motivation. But in large this unknown writer, like many others from the past, speak a timely word to fathers today.

Men who separate themselves from their families pay a high price, don’t they?

Praise God, by His grace, your children can be redeemed from the doom of a neglectful father or a wife may be rescued from giving her affection to another because her husband has grown dull of showing needed affection.

Husbands and fathers, are your families in danger because of your pursuit of a ‘successful’ career or waisted with unclaimed and lost hours of video games, television, computer, pornography or other activity that steals moments of honorable living before your children or cherishing your wife? If so, repent today! Cry out to God to rescue you from the your ignorance. Be provider/protector of you household today.

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