Mountain View Community Church: Pine, Idaho

image of Pine fire

A recent string of fires were ignited last week as a typical dry thunderstorm rolled through the high mountain desert. Mike Weil, pastor in Pine and Prairie, sent this picture that one of the church members took this morning of the fires burning in the Pine, Featherville and Prairie communities. The senior center is where Mountain View Community Church in Pine gathers on Sunday’s. Pastor Mike and his wife Cathy are strong people and doing well. Mike describes the scene like this; “The smoke reminds us of pea-soup fog back east.” As of last night, 180,000 acres have burned. The firefighters are working hard to keep structures safe as the fires move through the communities.

Just over the hill, on the Camas Prairie, the fires continue to blaze through the region as well. I don’t have pictures to post of this yet, but will soon.

To the Lord’s Church; continue to pray for strength for all people in the area. All roads out of Pine and Prairie remain closed. Pray for the firefighters, residents and neighbors.


NOTE: theBridge is not a news source for details on the fires. 
This is a plea to born-again believers to pray. 
Contact local authorities for needed information 
on road closures and evacuations.

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