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NewHorizonInternationalI’m excited to introduce you to New Horizon International. New Horizon International (NHI) is a new ministry born in the heart of a dear friend of mine, Alex Veillard. I first met Alex outside an orphanage in Port-au-Prince, Haiti in 2010. Over the past three years Alex and I have had many experiences together. Our friendship began as a result of hardship. An gospel response to a natural disaster is what sent me to Haiti and it was a global media response to the false arrest of 10 Americans that sent Alex (and two friends Junior and Florance) to minister to us when few were willing to even admit they knew us. These events were used of God to glue us together with the blood of Christ as brothers.

New Horizon Home

In the past few years many things have developed in our lives. Both of my sons have married, Alex has married old son, and now a common desire for the nations to hear the gospel has crossed our paths. This is New orizon International. and now has a one year

NHI starts and finishes with the gospel. The gospel is the reason and purpose.

We are in the beginning days of developing New Horizon International. But in these early days, New Horizon International has already birth New Horizon Home. New Horizon Home is a children’s home for girls. Currently NHH has 18 girls. These girls are of those in Haiti who are at great risk. They have been abandoned or rescued from the early days of slavery and child trafficking.


Eastside Baptist Church in Twin Falls, Idaho has responded to the invitation from the Lord to partner with New Horizon International in obligations of rent, food, education, healthcare, and spiritual needs of these 18 girls. We are pleased to know that God who has invited us to join Him in this gospel work will provide all that is needed. May the Lord be pleased to find a man in Port-au-Prince, Haiti willing to obey Him. May the Lord be pleased to awaken 18 girls at New Horizon Home  willing to trust Him. May the Lord be pleased to find a people in Twin Falls, Idaho willing to join Him in global gospel work. May the Lord be pleased as we all find our joy in Him.



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