On Notice

All believers have a unique relationship in a government that is made up of the people and established by voters. Believers are eligible voters and should take that responsibility seriously.

I am a values voter, meaning I vote my values above party or popularity. I vote for candidates and in relationship to laws according to my values. I respect that not everyone in the land will agree with me nor should be required to do so. I hope they like that the ‘system’ works this way.I do.

I don’t want a government that forces morality or religion on any citizen, yet I hope that same government would recognize her duty to wellness and safety of all citizens.

Contrary to what many think about me in the region, I do see and understand the relationship between a civic magistrate and the church. It is a separated relationship and there is no mandating between the two. There must be a respect between the two and the two should be allowed to exist independently of each other even in areas where the two disagree.

I will strive toward a new understanding of what this looks like in regard to marriage licenses. There will be many things to discover and I expect to find a way with in the law of the land. One that will not force me to do that which I conventionally will not do.

Today, every elected official within my voting privilege in Idaho and beyond should know that they are on notice from this voter. Take me off of your automated phone trees telling me about your family values if you are not willing to put your entire political career aside for conviction of what you say you believe.

While this gets figured out, I will continue to “speak to the Almighty and argue my case before God.” (Job 13:3)


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