Open Letter to City Officials of Twin Falls

Dated: April 11, 2017

Dear Mr. Mayor, City Council, and Staff of the City of Twin Falls,

I’m pleased and thankful to my God for the efficient manner in which our fair city is run. You, the council, and the city staff are good at what you do.

As a citizen, I respect that you gave patience to all in attendance last night to have their say. You gave grace to all without prejudice. I know this is difficult to do at times, but I witnessed your fair treatment first hand.

What a land we live in. What a blessing from Almighty God to be a citizen of such a nation, state, county, and city such as this. It is a pleasure to pray for you in your duties, and you have many of them: family, work, civic, and on and on. Thank you for the care and attention you give to the citizens of Twin Falls.

Where I don’t see that we need a resolution, decree, or ordinance to declare the city of Twin Falls a “welcoming city”, I do not wish to be associated with the unreasonable. I would prefer you not put forth a “welcoming city” resolution just because other cities have. The past is the past, but most of the past is not a reflection on the local citizen. The Japanese internment camp was not the product of the local citizens around the matters of war, that was the work of a federal government. Most of this issue we are dealing with today is the result of a federal government, not the sentiment of the local citizen.

People who pass through our fair city consistently say the same thing about the friendly citizen.

Ask rather, “what makes a citizen friendly?”

Friendly citizens live in cities where their local government officials do what they do best: provide an efficient way for the citizens to live with as little hardship as possible. Give them a robust economy, like you are. Give them a clean city with above standard drinking water and waste removal, like you have. Give them parks and recreational opportunities that are something to brag about, you are the best at this. Encourage us to be welcoming by doing your duty and the welcoming will naturally take care of itself, without the confusion of a resolution.

Can Twin Falls be known as a welcoming city without a resolution declaring we are a “welcoming city”? I think we ask the wrong question on an assumed conclusion based on bad press. If Twin Falls is not a welcoming city then a resolution doesn’t make us welcoming, it makes people laugh at our ignorance. Keep asking what makes or creates friendly citizens.

I’m committed to being a good neighbor to everyone I meet regardless of ethnicity, national origin, physical ability, gender, religion, or age. I don’t give them a paper to say that I’m a good neighbor; I live it out as I see them each day. Give us a clean city, a functioning city, a safe city, and a pleasant city. That is what we need most from you. Don’t hope for a resolution to force us to agree philosophically, rather help us function practically within our differences. Give us a fairly governed community and you’ll find out we can respect our differences and be willing to help each other in spite of our differences.

Don’t become distracted from your duty. You do your duty very well. Stay the course in that duty. I respect your willingness to work late into the evening to be sure all who wanted to speak had an opportunity to do so. As we dispersed, we went on to enjoy this pleasant city you worked late into the evening to give us. Thank you for doing your duty.

With the highest respect,

Paul Thompson

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