Open Letter to Magic Valley Bible Church

Dear Magic Valley Bible Church,

It was a pleasure to join you this past Sunday evening. Your generosity and kindness to welcome Eastside Baptist Church was what I’ve come to expect from those who claim to be followers of the Lord Jesus Christ. I’m thankful to the Lord for our shared kinship and hope we have in the blood of Christ.

It is a pleasure to labor in the city and valley with your pastor. I look forward to your pastors monthly column in the Times News, I know I can encourage others to read it without reservation. I’ve discovered in our friendship that He loves the Lord and longs to faithfully exhort the treasury of God’s word. In all of my conversations with pastor “Bear”, he speaks of his love for you. It’s clear that He has a great interest in his family and longs to see the gospel banner advanced throughout the world. I count it a pleasure to know your pastor as friend.

May the Lord strengthen your gospel work in the city. May the residents of Twin Falls and the Magic Valley always find you a faithful refuge, heralding a trustworthy message. May you endure with joy in the Lord. May the favor of the Lord rest upon your fellowship.

I’m thankful to the Lord for your laboring ministry and I look forward to more times together. I count it a pleasure to know the Lord’s people of Magic Valley Bible Church and their pastor.

Paul Thompson
Eastside Baptist Church


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