Open Letter to the Twin Falls Police Department

Photo: TFPD Facebook Page

Dear Twin Falls Police Department,

I don’t know many of you by name but I see you all throughout my home town. You are appreciated.

It’s hard to not get tangled up in the weeds of all the national buzz about our city and the unfortunate way some have spoken to you and about you.

I’m always thankful to be at a city council meeting when you are being introduced, awarded a promotion, or being recognized for your duty to the citizens.

Where I don’t speak for anyone but myself; I want you to know that we are thankful to God for you.

My gratitude is for the department you represent and the duty you serve. It must require of you something that few are willing to take on. Thank you for your display of bravery that makes my general journey through life a safe and pleasant place to live. You choose to take on dangerous situations, confusing situations, complex relationships and you make way into some of the most sinful conditions any could imagine.

As a pastor I have worked with many in our community that have had encounters with you; thank you for being so compassionate, kind and tender to women and children and victims of abuse. Thank you for choosing to answer the dispatch call to walk into the middle of complex, messy situations and still be there and try to do the right thing.

So many of you operate under extreme pressure with professionalism, restraint, and show respect to those who do not always return the favor is a credit to the department as a whole. And that you do this not knowing that your life may be in danger is yet more than a credit, it is a mercy you give to every citizen.

I want you to know that I pray for you and I pray for your families. I pray for your safety, for wisdom, for courage.

Thank you for your care for all in the community, without prejudice.

With respect,


Paul Thompson
Pastor at Eastside Baptist Church, Twin Falls, Idaho


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