Over the Weekend

This past weekend at the church house (Eastside Baptist Church) in Twin Falls, Idaho. Video and audio of all gathers are archived HERE.

Right now, there is a renewed interest in two primary gatherings of Eastside Baptist Church.

The Mid-week Prayer Gathering is a time devoted solely to corporate prayer. The past month several months have seen increased participation in person and online. As many as 25 people of all ages gathering together for prayer and an average of 4 households from out of town logging in online to pray (log-in for this is password protected, contact Paul Thompson for instruction and password).

The other gathering steadily growing is the Sunday evening gathering. For the past three weeks 9 men in the congregation are doing the teaching. Attendance has been in a steady increase as this progresses on. Before beginning the book of Ephesians an average of about 12 people would normally return on Sunday evening. Last night, we reached an all time high for a regular Sunday evening gathering of more than 50 people and 9 households logged in online from all over the region.

Lord’s Day Morning
Speaker: Paul Thompson
Text: Philippians 2:12-13
Sermon Title: Salvation; the Sweet Word

Lord’s Day Evening
Speaker: Chuck Kastl
Text: Ephesians 1:15-23
Sermon Title: Wisdom and Power

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