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The following should only be considered as a recommendation, not as authoritative. Each participant is responsible for being a well informed and responsible hiker. Here is my recommended packing list for anyone planning on joining me on my 2014 attempt to summit Borah Peak on August 30.

Beware: Borah Peak is the highest elevation in Idaho at 12,662 ft above sea level. The hike is approx. 3.7 miles long (one way) and nearly 5,000 feet elevation gain. Temperatures can vary from extreme cold to extreme hot in the same day. Afternoon thunderstorms are normal with danger of lightning. Come prepared. If you are planning to attempt the climb with me and want to know more details of what I recommend, don’t hesitate to contact me.


Recommended List of Things to Bring:

•Meal for Thursday night
•Day pack (I do have day packs available upon request)
•Water (I recommend a minimum of 120 oz of water. There is no water source on the trail. Do not plan on getting more water once you leave the trail head.)
•Trail mix (nuts, m&m’s, dried fruit)
•Energy bar/sandwich/beef jerky
•Sleeping Bag/tent or tarp/pillow/
•Well worn hiking boots with good durable sole (do not attempt this hike with brand new, never worn boots)
•Three pairs of socks
•Hat with a brim
•rain gear
•I recommend pants to be warn for the entire hike
•I recommend shirts with sleeves (sun burn happens quicker and with greater severity on shoulders)
•clothes for warm weather
•clothes for cold weather (weather changes with little warning)
•Winter hat (that covers your ears)
•Flash light
•toilet paper
•chap stick
•Leather gloves (garden type)
•Sun Block
•Bug Spray
•Sun Glasses
•The night and early morning will most likely be very cold. (be prepared for extreme cold and extreme hot)
•Bible (small, pocket size)
•$10 for celebration meal on the return trip home.

Optional Items:
•Walking sticks (ski poles work fine, helpful for parts of the climb and decent)
•Be very picky on any other optional items you bring.

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