Where is the Nation’s Morality

The current spiraling of sexual immoral behavior of politicians, news reporters, and Hollywood producers is tragically really nothing new. But it is ruling the news most days. A nation troubled by the sexual misconduct of irresponsible men and women are at the same time complicit by the promotion of a hyper sexualized nation. If we,

Sunday Nights at Eastside

Through the remainder of 2017 I will be address biblical marriage on Sunday nights. It is my hope that you would consider attending the Sunday night gatherings of Eastside Baptist Church. This is not just a “how to improve your marriage” series, this is as much a series of messages for the youth and young

Bad Grapes

While I’ve been away for a few weeks, Mark King has done the preaching on Sunday mornings on Isaiah 5. I’ve just finished listening to both sermons. I post them here as a highly recommended use of your time. I post them hear for your consideration.  

Cowardice on Display

This kind of cowardly, ignorant, foolish, ungodly, disrespectful, shameful action against a neighbor is no way any serious follower of the Lord Jesus Christ would act. Where there are clear differences in our beliefs, I support law enforcement’s strict punishment. Police investigate hate crime at southern Idaho mosque    http://magicvalley.com/news/state-and-regional/police-investigate-hate-crime-at-southern-idaho-mosque/article_0353d7a3-f9ea-54e8-b51f-2b0f2770b8f2.html  

For Church and Family (010) Prayer

In this post I encourage parents to set an example of the significance of prayer in the corporate gatherings. This is a moment to set all things aside here and listen closely and to pray. Tips for Church and Family Parents: Teach this at home. Create an expected pattern at home that before meals this

For Church and Family (009) the Lord’s Table

In this post I encourage parents to formally train their children about the Lord’s Table at home so that when they are at the church house and the gathered saints proclaim the Lord’s death in the corporate proclamation is something to watch. Teach them why they should wait to take it until they have made

For Church and Family (008) Boys and Girls

In this clip I address the need for parents to train their boys to behave like boys and their girls to behave like girls, and I address the need for boys and girls to treat each other with care. This kind of teaching must happen formally at home. Yes, our children will catch how they

For Church and Family (007) Clothing

In this short clip I give instructions about training children in how they dress and behave at the church house on the Lord’s Day. Talk about why we dress differently on the Lord’s Day than any other day. The why is very important on this topic. Tips for Church and Family Parents: We are not


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