Modesty Could Be Both Sinful and Prideful

“Though it is true that one may dress modestly from a sinful and prideful motive, one cannot knowingly dress lavishly or sensually from a good one. Thus, the purity and humility of a regenerate heart internally must ultimately express itself by modest clothing externally. ” ~ Jeff Pollard Here is a good read worth some

Orphan Care is Gospel Reenactment

“When we were on the outside without hope and home, Jesus brought us into his family (Ephesians 2:12-13, 19). What Jesus did for us is the Gospel. Today there are millions of orphans in the world without hope and home. When we give orphans hope, when we bring orphans into our families, we reenact the

Tag, You’re It!

“[One pastor told of] the phenomenal growth of the churches in their country, in spite of ongoing difficulties. In many of these churches the pastor will just throw his Bible to his congregation when he is arrested, and the person who catches it automatically becomes the pastor.” (Chapel Library)


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