The Problem of Birth Control

In my lifetime, the question of birth control has largely been accepted among mainline Christian evangelicals. In the day Renee and I married (26 years ago) birth control was something that ‘responsible’ Christians did. ‘Wise’ doctors encouraged it. ‘Seasoned’ preachers promoted it. Many young couples would follow this advice. If you know anything about Margaret

Known in Heaven and Hell

Audio Podcast: When I first read Vance Havner’s Testimony from his later years I was stopped in my tracks when he began to speak about true converts and their faithful living. He said they accepted their heritage of being ‘shipwrecked on God and stranded on Omnipotence.’ It wasn’t until this morning that I finally found

Worship What?

Today, the (snail) mailbox had promotional pieces inviting worship leaders to attend their seminar or conference. I usually take a quick look and then toss them in the waste basket. This time I thought I should at least respect the sender enough to consider what they want to communicate to churches. I must say, I

Doctrinal Truths Sunday

The teaching (doctrine) of who God is is always on the table when Scripture is being examined. Yesterday, February 3, Eastside gathered to consider this doctrinal statement from the 1925 New Hampshire Confession, paragraph 2, which reads… II. God There is one and only one living and true God, an intelligent, spiritual, and personal Being,


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