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To have an opportunity to preach the word anywhere is a humbling occasion. I have nothing to say to any gathered body of believers that is of any value unless it comes from the word of God.

Last week, I was invited to preach (with an interpreter) to the Lord’s people in a faithful church in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. The occasion was encouraging to me as I witnessed the meeting house fill with worshipers. The gathering was filled from wall to wall, front to back. The worshipers were engaged in the singing without the aid of song books or overhead projection. Attention to the bible was given by the pastor who preached for about 45 min before he introduced me to preach.



At the end of the day, no one will ever remember the visitor from America, but oh that they may forever be influenced by the Lord as the Holy Spirit instructs them in the word.

It was a pleasure to meet pastor Bernito Dorsainvil. It was a pleasure to sit in his home and hear him speak of his desire to see the Lord work through his life and that the church he pastors be a display of the glory of God. His brother Viles Dorsainvil was kind to translate our conversations and the preaching. I hope the Lord will allow other opportunities with these brothers in the Lord.





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