Preparation for Gathering with the Saints

Renee and I have spent the better part of this afternoon hunting for anywhere that has solar eclipse viewing glasses for sale. Where the total solar eclipse zone is just 80 miles north, Twin Falls will experience 96-97% eclipse. Our search for eclipse glasses today proved a failed hunt. However, there is no shortage of the capitalistic economy ready to literally cash in on supply and demand. Eclipse glasses can be bought for as much as $100.00 each (I’ll pass on that) on Craig’s List. We found an outlet that will meet us in a parking lot of a well lit retailer in town offering them for $5.00 each. I’ll have Renee observing from a distance while I exchange cash for a pair of glasses to look at the sun for 2 minutes.

I’ve also noticed the price of gasoline slowing growing as the big day approaches. If reports are accurate, Southern Idaho may run out of gasoline for cars, food in restaurants, and rural towns crowded with travelers from around the region to venture into the shadow of the moon. This will require a bit more advance planning than I made for eclipse glasses.

This is a special moment in anyone’s lifetime.

Yet there are more spectacular moments than a total solar eclipse. This is the weekly gathering of redeemed sinners.

Imagine, of all the things in the universe, only one ongoing event has the historic pining of the prophets and the peering into from the angelic realms of heaven; to see a people marked for destruction by the wrath of God, yet covered by the righteous blood of his only begotten son, worshiping God (1 Peter 1:12). This doesn’t make the gathering of people the greatest event in the universe, it makes God the center attraction and his redeeming act of wretched humanity. Spectacular!

This gathering of the redeemed is an event to prepare for. Not meaning one shouldn’t make plans for a rare moment of the moon passing in direct path of the sun.

While all of the residents within the region (and beyond) are planning, preparing, and cashing in on this “once in a lifetime” kind of event, be sure not to miss out on what hardly anyone is preparing for or talking about these coming days. At 10:30 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. on the Lord’s Day, August 20, 2017 there will be a gathering of saints at 204 Eastland Drive North in Twin Falls, Idaho. We won’t be selling T-shirts or cashing in on capitalistic opportunities… we will open the word of God to hear a preached word from the one who causes solar eclipses. You should plan on gathering with us.

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