Preparing for Corporate Worship (part 4)

Men, when your family wakes up on Sunday, do they ask you,  “Are we going to church?” or do they arise saying to themselves, “this is what we do and this is where we go.” If they are asking you, “do we have to go to church today?” or “are we going to church today?” then you are teaching them that God and his people are not important. They will likely grow up with less interest in the things of God than you. This would be a tragic legacy to leave them.

Gather your family together tonight and make plans to gather with the saints on this coming Lord’s Day.

In this video Boyd Dellinger,  Jeff Pollard, Joe Morecraft, Joel Beeke, Fikret Bocek, Kevin Swanson, Marcus Serven, Scott Brown and myself discuss family preparation for corporate worship.

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