Preparing for Marriage

In a day where biblical marriage is under attack in every arena of our culture, including false churches masquerading as the church, we must give careful biblical attention to this creation of God.

I’ve just recently finished a series of messages on marriage and submit it here for consideration to strengthen your marriage and to help parents prepare your children for this sacred union of man and woman.

  • Husbands and wives, listen and discuss the content and the status of your marriage.
  • Fathers and mothers, listen to these messages with or without your children, but at least, be intentional about training your children for this moment now. Trust me, if your child is 10 to 20 years of age, marriage is likely sooner than you expect. Train them while they are still willing to listen to you about something as serious as this.

My prayer for you is that this will at least spark conversation that will lead to formal and informal moments to teach your children.

Male and Female

The Engagement

Necessary for Marriage to Exist and Remain

Needed for Marriage to Remain (pt.1)

Needed for Marriage to Remain (pt. 2)

Duties of Husbands and Wives

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