Presidential Candidate Speeches

As Renee and I prepare ourselves to watch another presidential primary debate (what we now affectionately call, debate date) online, I’m reminded of a biography I began reading after Christmas on former president, John Quincy Adams. The historian describes that presidential election year as though it may have been the worst in our nations history. (He may need to amend his comments if another copy is to be printed.

I don’t look for a president to lead my homeland to repentance and reformation, that is my duty. I don’t look for a president to shape a moral path for the nation, that is my duty. I do, however, look for a president to lead with honorable dignity.

As the political arena heats up, I listen, watch and pray. I’m not owed by a political party. I’m not gripped with fear of what may become of the nation. I’m looking unto the LORD Jesus the Christ who promises His followers who faithfully follow Him to never leave ot forsake us.

O, that the nation could once again be lead by one driven by constitutional principle, a humble devotion to honor God and not ruled by foolish arrogance.

“History might condemn a failure, it cannot weigh the demands of conscience.” Dwight D. Eisenhower

Dwight D. Eisenhower , 1953

In preparation for the tonight’s primary debate I thought I would do a little research on presidential candidate speeches. Here are some of personal interest.

Ross Perot, 1996

Ronald Reagan 1980

Lyndon Johnson, 1960

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