Resurrection Sunday

Today’s message was from the Book of Judges series; Gideon, Part 3.

Here is my most recent contribution to the Times News – Pastor’s Corner. The Nature of Man.

The nature of man is a paramount doctrine in the Bible. Without a proper understanding of the nature of man we are at risk of creating a god for ourselves and believing a gospel with no good news at all.

The Bible teaches us that man is an intentional creation of an all-powerful, eternal God. The Bible teaches that man is not an accidental result of some mindless process. The Bible teaches that the first man was intentionally formed from the dust of the ground and that God breathed life into his nostrils and he became a living soul. The Bible is clear on these matters (Genesis 1-3).

The Bible teaches that both man and woman were created by God and for God. This makes humanity unique among all creatures, namely because man and woman were created in the image of God. This is of great importance. This biblical truth teaches us that we are not the authors of our own existence nor have we accidentally evolved. Humanity was brought into existence by the intentional will and power of God.

God created man in his image and gave him a righteous law. God warned man that he would die if he broke that righteous law. Man did not live long in this honor. Satan used a cunning serpent to seduce Eve, and Adam who was with her, without any force to violate the law of God. Adam and Eve willfully sinned. God allowed this act of sin with intent to put his glory upon display.

Through this willful sin of Adam and Eve, death came upon all, meaning we all become dead in sin and completely defiled in all parts of soul and body. The guilt of this sin was then imputed, transferred, inherited by all descendants of Adam and Eve.

Because of this, all are conceived in sin and by nature children of wrath, servants of sin. This makes all of humanity at odds with God, unable to do any good and pleasing work unto the Lord and wholly bent to all kinds of evil unless the Lord Jesus (God himself) sets them free.

This is what makes the work at the cross such good news. As you ponder the events of Christ’s death, burial and resurrection this week, don’t miss that unless the Lord saves you, you are in grave danger of facing the full wrath of God’s anger. Christ’s work at the cross was God satisfying the requirement that righteousness be held pure. Unless the Lord Jesus (God himself) sets you free, you will be required to save yourself based on your own righteousness. According to the Bible, you do not possess a saving righteousness.

Be with great joy as the Holy Spirit awakens you to this truth. This biblical truth of man’s need for a redeemer mandates that you repent of your sin-nature.

“Unless you repent, you will likewise perish.” Luke 13:5. Consider joining me this coming Lord’s Day at Eastside Baptist Church.

Paul Thompson, pastor of Eastside Baptist Church in Twin Falls, may be reached at 734-7041 or

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