Satan Dares Us To Be Careless

Have you ever been tempted to use Scripture to disobey God?

If you are being honest you understand the question and the answer is, “yes.”

In a time of war, if your enemy can twist your own words to wage war against you he will successfully win the battle. Don’t forget, Christian, you are at war with the enemy of God. That enemy is a master manipulator and crafty in twisting the words of God. Look around. The shifting in our culture is exhibit A, a living indictment against many professing followers of Christ.

Scripture is powerful for both you and your enemy. It is powerful for the enemy if you don’t know God’s word and powerful for you if you do know it.

The savor of all repenting sinners, Jesus the Christ, was under the attack of the master manipulator who twister of the word of God in Matthew 4:5-6. Satan chose to tempt Jesus with that powerful tool, the very words of God Himself, but was not counting on Jesus actually knowing these words or knowing how he chose to use Scripture out of context to make it seem okay to disobey God.

Human history is full of examples of how Satan chose to use Scripture like this. Unlike Jesus, we prove how little we know the word of God. Think of it for a moment – remember the garden with Adam and Eve and King David committing adultery and murder. Not to mention the ongoing misuse of Scripture by Satan to convince many that they will become equal with God by becoming gods or that it is possible to earn your way to heaven or loss your salvation. Many in our day believe that human life is not to be revered as abortion numbers continue to show the nation less interested in the glory of God and more interested in convenience. And then a hundred other more subtle lies that salvation comes in the act of baptism or speaking in tongues.

If the follower of Christ is not aware of this then he/she is likely to be won over by the enemy. This is no time to be careless in your relationship with God.

The only thing we do when we are persuaded by the enemy of God is prove we are a careless people with the things of God.

Remember this follower of Christ; Satan loves to take God’s word and twist it all up so we don’t know if it’s truth or not.

Here are some warning signs that you have successfully been won over by the chief of all liars:

  • You think there is no God.
  • You don’t think you are a sinner and God surely wouldn’t judge you as one, or at least not the kind of sinner deserving of hell.
  • You think God wants you to do something that is a contradiction of his word.
  • You think reading the bible is something other people should do.
  • You treat others as less important than you.
  • You think of yourself as more spiritual than others.
  • You think praying is something for old women.

Is it possible that you’ve become careless in your relationship with Christ? Is it possible that your church has become careless in her duty?

Reader, today, while it is still called today, don’t be a sloppy and careless follower of Christ like many have become in our day. What partial truth has Satan duped you of lately? What lie have you agreed to believe in order to justify your sin?

Do you not see Satan tempting you, daring you even, to be careless?

O, that the community would find a people devoted and careful to follow and obey God. Calling all sinners, repent and submit with joy to the Word of Life, Jesus the Christ! Be among those with a past that once were believers of lies but have repented and turned to Christ. Stop your careless ways today and live in the light of truth.

The Savior is able to make all things new!

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