Sermon Audio Updating

In recent weeks Eastside Baptist Church has made upgrades to what is available at SermonAudio. This is where we archive sermons (currently over 300 audio sermons). The upgrade now includes video.

This addition gives our church family opportunity to stay connected when they are away, sick or unable to attend in person. It is also a way for our church family to share with their friends the ministry of the preached word of God from Eastside Baptist Church in Twin Falls.

There are not many changes to the general format of our SermonAudio site. It is the addition of a video option to watch and/or download.

There are other changes coming for the live streaming option, but for now you can still access our live streaming HERE.

There are several people who make this ministry possible, we are thankful to them all. Historically, a family from Nevada fund the SermonAudio site, recently a family has made the possibility of video archiving and others working out the tech side of having this available. All are a blessing. I have heard from several church members who have taken advantage of this through the years, and now with the blessing of live streaming all are able to stay connected. I bless the Lord for all.

Here are the most recent sermons available in audio and video format. (note, some of the video is still being worked out, thanks for your patience.)

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