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As I’m preparing to begin preaching through the book of Judges I have been studying the concluding days of Joshua as the people prepare to take the inheritance promised to their fathers. Joshua’s sermon in Joshua 24, has required long moments of meditation and consideration. It has brought a soberness to my mind with consideration to the gospel. It has confirmed the caution that must come with the preaching of the gospel, meaning warning people must consider the cost of following Christ. Too many times the gospel is preached as cheap grace. Too few times is the gospel preached with this kind of boldness.

These verses have become significant to me as I prepare for the preaching of Judges.

19 Then Joshua said to the people, “You will not be able to serve the LORD, for He is a holy God. He is a jealous God; He will not forgive your transgression or your sins. 20 “If you forsake the LORD and serve foreign gods, then He will turn and do you harm and consume you after He has done good to you.”  Joshua 24:19-20 (NASB)

What have you been reading in the bible this week? Share this significant Scripture with me here, I look forward to reading about what You are reading in Scripture.


  • Andy V.

    December 28, 2012 at 11:44 AM Reply

    We read from 2 Chronicles 32 last night about Hezekiah’s pride and then humility. After that we read from a sermon by C.H. Spurgeon that went into that same story. This was not planned by the way. I just chose that sermon out of the blue to read and it tied directly into what we had just read in the Old Testament.

    • Paul

      December 28, 2012 at 10:28 PM Reply

      Thanks Andy, I just read 2 Chronicles 32 because you mentioned it. This verse struck me as I thought about the text… “because his heart was proud” (v. 25)

      What sermon did you read? I am thankful to the Lord how he takes seemingly unrelated pieces and yet there are many connecting points to them. Thanks for sharing.

      • Andy V.

        December 28, 2012 at 10:41 PM Reply

        I believe it was his first for the New Park Street Chapel titled “The Immutability of God”. His basic point was to show how God never changes and how some would use this passage to state that God changed His mind concerning his judgement on Hezekiah. Spurgeon argues that God had planned this from time’s beginning as it was through Hezekiah that the line of Christ comes from and at the time of Hezekiah’s trial his son Manasseh was not yet born.

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