Significant Scripture: woe is me if I do not preach the gospel

What have you been reading from the Bible this week? I’m not meaning from a devotional book (as helpful as they are) I’m meaning; what have you read from the Bible and how has it influenced your thinking and behavior? I would like to hear from you on this… leave a comment below.

This has been an impact on me this week:

15 But I have used none of these things. And I am not writing these things so that it will be done so in my case; for it would be better for me to die than have any man make my boast an empty one. 16 For if I preach the gospel, I have nothing to boast of, for I am under compulsion; for woe is me if I do not preach the gospel. 17 For if I do this voluntarily, I have a reward; but if against my will, I have a stewardship entrusted to me. 18 What then is my reward? That, when I preach the gospel, I may offer the gospel without charge, so as not to make full use of my right in the gospel. (1 Corinthians 9:15-18 NASB)

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