Squirming in Your Blood

The nativity means something special to many people. When the word nativity is used, nearly all people will immediately think of the birth place or circumstances of the birth of Christ.

But what about this nativity.

On the day (maybe the very hour) this child was born, she was abandoned. Her navel cord was not properly cut, she was not washed or wrapped in a blanket. When people saw the infant they must have assumed she was dead, for no one even gave her a second look with pity or had compassion for her.

Someone must have actually picked up the infant and thrown her into an open field, because this is where a compassionate man passed by the field. When he passed by the infant, he was moved with compassion as he saw her squirming in her blood. He picked her up, clothed her and took her home. Here he cleaned the infant up, gave her a home, called her his own, he included her in his inheritance. She grew up with protection and provision. She developed into a beautiful woman. He continued to give her his best. She was clothed in the best, ate the best, and lived in the best. The fame of her story traveled everywhere. People knew about her, far and near. This was  a beautiful and romantic story of how this man cared for her.

But then tragedy struck.

Read the remainder of this story in Ezekiel 16



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