Friendly Reminder

Friendly Reminder:

You will, if you haven’t already, begin to read stories online about what’s happening in Houston, TX and the surrounding areas following hurricane Harvey. Some will be true and some will not be true. Don’t be found as one spreading gossip. Leave gossip for the ungodly. Put off the craving of your old man to report untruths and partial truths.

When you see someone post something on social media be sure to research the story. Look for collaborating sources. Consider the source. Have you ever heard of this news outlet before? Do they report other news? Some sources report things just for the fun of it to see how many people will pass the story along.

Follower of the Lord Jesus Christ, be struck with compassion for the suffering plight of humanity that is wide spread from the path of hurricane Harvey, but don’t be so eager to be the first of your friends to break the gossip filled story that makes you an unreliable source of truth when you want a voice to speak the gospel.

Just a friendly reminder…

Eastside Baptist Church will take up a love offering over the next few weeks to address disaster relief needs.

Response to Disaster

Like you, when I read of the descriptions of the kind of disaster hurricane Harvey hammered the shores of Texas in the gulf over the weekend (and still beating down), I am moved with compassion for all. It is good to think and plan about how to respond to times like this in advance. This way I’ve done my best to give direction to my heart before my heart leads me astray.

For me, the place of engagement is the Southern Baptist Disaster Relief ministry. This is a place I can send money, this is a place I have volunteered, this is a place that has a high level of accountability for the funds and integrity given to those in need. I’ve responded to needs in Idaho, Utah, and Colorado over the years with time by volunteering in a feeding unit that responds to needs for food for relief workers and or displaced people. I’ve sent money and directed my church to send money for needs in Louisiana, Mississippi, California, Texas, Indonesia directly and all places indirectly through general gifts to local, state, and national partnership with kinsmen in the faith.

If you are looking for a safe accountable place to give to meet immediate needs, I recommend only the Southern Baptist Disaster Relief Ministry. Contact me for information on how you can do this if you want.

Any gifts given to Southern Baptist Disaster Relief Ministry go directly to the ministry. None of this money stops at any level along the way like many other relief efforts do.



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