The Circuit Rider’s Library

It’s hard not to want to memorialize life unfairly.

So… I have a personal duty I’ve set before me to begin a journey through the sermons of my dad/pastor. For the first time after opening the box of my dad’s sermons last year after his death I have begun an unexpected journey of reading sermons from what I’ll call the “Circuit Rider’s Library.”

First, I’ll refer to my dad as the “Circuit Rider” because he really was one, sort of. He didn’t travel from church house to church house on a trusted horse – but the early years and last years of ministry he had regular paths he would travel to preach the gospel. He didn’t always travel with a rifle on his shoulder (however, he once lived in a town named Rifle.) But he always traveled with a bible and sermon notes.

Today I begin a series of posts over the coming years called “The Circuit Rider’s Library” where I’ll share sermons I wish I had paid closer attention to when I lived and traveled with the Circuit Rider. (This box is filled with hundreds of sermons dated from as early as 1973 and as old as 2004 – over 30 years of sermons)

Saddle up!


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