The Fear of God and the Voting Booth

When you live in a blessed land like the United States of America it is a sobering truth that the follower of Christ, as defined by the Bible, has both a privilege and responsibility to engage in this amazing moment in the election process.

From all pages of the Bible we read of a sovereign active creator and ruler and it behooves the sojourning citizen to take serious inventory of our duty.

One could choose to not participate in the voting duty, as it appears more than 20 million professing Christians chose that option in the last presidential election.


One could choose to intentionally participate in this significant moment as a person of biblical conviction. I refuse to vote for someone in order to block another from being president. I will not waste my duty on such foolishness. I will cast my vote for the individual I believe will maintain a constitutional republic, and I call on Christians and fellow countrymen to the same. Look closely.

I will vote my conscience within the influence of the fear of God, the beginning of wisdom, and ask God to help me live with joy in him regardless of the outcome.

I think that an honest observation of the current landscape of the candidates of the two primary political parties reveals that we are in active judgment of God. Then, a deeper examination of other options, in other political parties, it appears that God is willing to give the nation a chance to repent. Have you looked at Darrell Castle yet? He is running for the Constitution party (party platform). Take a close look. There is no flashy personality. There is humility and conviction, there is a man stricken with anguish for the direction of the nation and hopeful for the dawning day.

I’m not looking for a presidential “savior”, I’m looking for a candidate who is interested in acting in the best interest of the nation from a biblical worldview.

“If God raised me up and made me President of the United States, what I told the states, what I told you I would do, I will do, or die trying. So help me God.” Darrell Castle

In a recent devotional project with the National Center for Family Integrated Churches I had the opportunity to offer some thoughts on what it may look like when there is no fear of God in civil leaders.

When There Is No Fear of God in Civil Leaders from NCFIC on Vimeo.



  • Scott LaPierre

    September 1, 2016 at 5:37 PM Reply

    Good stuff Paul, thank you!

    • Paul

      September 1, 2016 at 5:54 PM Reply

      Thanks for dropping by, Scott.

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