the Hornet Nest

GERecently on a hiking trip I came across a hornet nest. When I travel through the wild wilderness I travel with a respect to what I may come across. This hornet nest was was nearly transparent, meaning I didn’t see it as I began my look through the aspen grove. But once I saw it, I could not keep my eyes off of it. A swarm of hornets may be more of a concern to a hiker than a mama bear with cubs.




What does one do about a hornet nest?

  • leave it alone?
  • throw a rock at it?
  • ignore it?
  • acknowledge it?
  • mark it?
  • warn others of it?

This has me working on a strategic plan on how I want to handle Planned Parenthood.

  • I can’t leave it alone, but knowing that there are risks…
  • I can’t throw a rock at it
  • I can’t ignore it
  • I must call it out for what it is
  • It must be marked for what it is
  • I must give a clear warning.

I have other observations of the hornet nest discovery that I’ll share in the future but wanted to get these thoughts started in my mind while the passing of the hornet nest was fresh on my mind. The presence of a hornet nest is no object to ignore.

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