The Mother of My Sons

Renee is a mom with a level moral compass and a tender heart. I have much to be thankful to the Lord for and the fact that Renee is the mother of our two sons is among the top things I am thankful to the Lord for.

Renee gave our boys the skills to be prepared for anything that they will face, to endure and excel in everything they set their feet toward. Our boys knew how to do laundry, set a table and make their beds before they left the home.


BMTdavid 121BMTdavid 010David, your mom is both strong and tender
she may have made you eat veggies
but never liver.

she taught you to tuck, but never cut a corner.

You may have laughed at her tidy ways
but never dismiss her teaching days.






SilasJail Silas, all moms have seen what no boys wants to admit
your mom was praying
when the world wanted to convict.

She passed on a skill I can only appreciate.

You might make fun of her being fine tuned
but always be thankful
you’ve always been loved.



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