The Myth of the 270

Don’t be a pawn of another persons agenda. Be an informed voter.

There is so much focus on either the Republican or Democrat candidate getting 270 electoral votes to win the presidential election that we forget that that is not a hard fast rule. It may be the way it (overwhelmingly) usually goes, but there is the 12th amendment. All of the sudden, government civics education is good to know.

It’s easy to think that this year must be the messiest presidential election ever. It may be. It will go down as the messiest in my lifetime. But what about before? I recently read a biography on John Quincy Adams and I think that may well be in the running for the messiest ever.

hanging-chadOf course there was that hanging chad issue in 2000. The images alone are hard to take in…

Since the invention of the electoral college (governed by the 12th amendment), the only time a presidential election was settled by a vote of the House of Representatives and the the only time a president was elected without receiving 270+ electoral votes was the 1824 election that was finally resolved in February of 1825.

Could it be that this year the 12th amendment could guide the nation through a messy day? Maybe.

I’ve voiced my opinion on this matter often over the past several month.

Before this year, I’ve been an unaffiliated, independent voter, active and intentionally voting my values and my conscience. This year I decided I wanted to formally commit to a political party. I’ve come home to the Constitution Party. So long as the Constitution Party stays true to her platform, I remain a constitutionalist.

Yes, I get it. The likelihood of Darrell Castle winning 270 electoral votes is nearly inconceivable. However, I will vote for Darrell Castle on November 8, 2016. Then, perhaps like you, I’ll follow the election results and listen to the political pundits speak their predictions and then I will bless the LORD for his sovereign rule over all nations and pray for a prepared church to advance the gospel in the day God has ordained for His glory. It is a good day to be the church. Not because “our” candidate wins or the others lose. It’s a good day to be the church because we have a duty regardless of the outcome of a political exercise.

Who knows, we could wake up on November 9th, 2016 and learn that no one got 270 electoral votes. No worries. God has it covered.

Rejoice in the LORD, always!

I’m an advocate of conscience voting. I even support someone not voting if that person cannot, in good conscience, vote for a candidate. It is healthy that not everyone votes the same. Even within our homes and churches.

In passing… Church are you aware of the day we have been given by the LORD? There are other options. We are not slaves of fear, you can do something risky and actually have influence on the process of the election. The blessed republic we live in has rules that govern how we transition the tide of political power.

I’m invested. I’m vocal. I’m hopeful. But I will not let the outcome of the election determine my hope and joy. I will only trust that hope to the LORD, Jesus the Christ. Both in this temporal day and for all of eternity. I will trust in Him!


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  • Brandon Boone

    October 14, 2016 at 8:29 AM Reply

    Paul, thanks for sharing! I appreciate your willingness to take a stand for someone instead of just throwing stones at someone.

    • Paul

      October 15, 2016 at 8:47 PM Reply

      Hello Brandon, thanks for stopping by. The political day is revealing a lot about us as people, the nation and the church. Where are you at these days?

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