The Only Time Politicians Woo Evangelicals

We have moved into a political era where it appears the only time politicians (in general) woo evangelicals is when it comes time to get elected to public office.

(By the way: When is the last time the government actually looked to evangelicals for anything other than to be elected? This is both insulting and sobering.)

Note to Politicians: stop asking me to fund your campaign while you lie, cheat, and live your immoral lives to the office.

I look at your ways, I listen to your speeches, I observe how you run your campaign, I weigh all on the balance of biblical values and vote my values without exception. If you are only calling yourself a “Christian” to get the Christian vote let me encourage you to stop wasting your time and other peoples money on me.

Over the years of my voting days; I don’t always vote for the Republican (I have never voted the Democrat) and I don’t see my vote on a third party as a waste.

You should be who you are, I’ll be who I am, and we’ll live next door to each other making this the best nation in the world. Don’t tell me you’re a Christian to get me to vote for you, I don’t require you to be a Christian for me to vote for you. I’ll vote for the candidate who I believe will best protect all life, defend the constitution, and understands how church and state relate to each other.

Let’s re-learn what our national founding fathers wanted to establish. A government made up of citizens of and by the people.

That said; I listen to every debate that I can, of both parties. I observe how you behave on the campaign trail. It the general media begins to ‘promote’ you, I grow skeptical of you. If the general media begins to ridicule you or not give much attention to you, I start getting interested.

That doesn’t mean I’m not interested, it doesn’t make me un-American, it doesn’t make me less Christian; It means I’m listening and weighing all against my biblical values as you war it out on the campaign trail.

Because I’m not holding to any political party I can’t complain if you don’t make it out of the primaries. This is both a blessing and a curse I suppose.

Where I’m no party man (in more ways than one) I don’t get any say in what the party does.

Some argue that guys like me are part of the problem…

I say; “stop wooing evangelicals to support you and then take your office and continue funding Planned Parenthood, not standing up for traditional marriage and living your godless lives while using the name of my savior as your ringer for election.”

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