The Power of the Resurrection

What is needed most among the saints of God?

  • Is it a need to rebrand our church or denomination so that we are more likable by this current generation?
  • It is a fresh wind of innovation and creativity?
  • or is it a need to go down the road of the ancient paths of Scripture?

It is critical that while on this ancient path that the church not abandon truths of old. The meaning of the words, terms, and phrases are obviously what must not be lost, but I fear we get closer to losing the richness in what these words, terms, and phrases mean when we abandon them in fear that we may appear out of touch, out of date, or traditional.

As we are on the precipice of the greatest day in the history of the world, the resurrection of our Lord, I’m convinced we need this ancient path in order to articulate the gospel to this current generation. It has always been the means of passing the gospel on from one generation to another. This is the way of Scripture, to use words to communicate to all generations.

My defense is not for the words for the sake of language. My defense is a matter of eternal weight, and needs words to communicate. In general conversation we may not use these rich words, but as ambassadors of Christ’s reconciliation we must communicate the whole gospel.

With that said… here are some of those rich words that I believe are needed as most urgent among gospel proclaimers. Get these words, understand these words, and communicate these truths.














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