The Soul Winner

I have set my mind to work on the topic of soul winning, the kind of soul winning that Charles Spurgeon says “should be the main pursuit of every true believer.”

It is my first goal to settle in my mind why all attempts to train my mind with methodology is followed so quickly with the feeling of manipulation because the system is built upon a series of assumed conditions and apologetic polemics.

Trying to do spiritual work with carnal tools is like trying to use a wrench as a hammer. It’s not a pretty sight to see. Sometimes accomplishment is achieved, but usually it is unsightly thing to witness.

If the goal is to accomplish an increased church-roll then the methodology can change without conflict. The methodology has a shelf life of a gallon of milk. At some point nobody will buy it.

So rather than start with the need of the unconverted, I thought I needed to settle the role of the soul-winner first. There is an eternal seriousness that must be considered for the unconverted soul, but to set the soul-winner out to ‘fishing’ he must understand who he is and who he is not. I’m on the search. I’ve recently reread Joseph Alleine’s classic collection of sermons directed to the unconverted. (Alarm to the Unconverted.) His work is among the best I’ve ever read and recommend it for your consideration. But somehow Charles Spurgeon’s work The Soul Winner has escaped my reading, until now.

I’m committed to putting my mind to work as I read through Spurgeon’s masterpiece on soul winning. I’ve printed off the 170 page book (collection of lectures) on this important topic and will share my findings and thoughts along the way. Feel free to join me in the examination. Your thoughts are welcome as I journey along.

Chapter titles:

  • What Is It To Win A Soul?
  • Qualifications for Soul-Winning – Godward
  • Qualifications for Soul-Winning – Manward
  • Sermons Likely to Win Souls
  • Obstacles to Soul-Winning
  • How to Induce Our People to Win Souls
  • How to Raise the Dead
  • How to Win Souls for Christ
  • The Cost of Being a Soul-Winner
  • The Soul-Winners Reward
  • The Soul-Winners Life and Work
  • Soul-Winning Explained
  • Soul-Saving Our One Business
  • Instruction in Soul-Winning
  • Encouragement to Soul-Winners

Happy reading for the glory of God…


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