The Truth Is, They Are Not Telling You the Truth

Over the weekend I participated with over 100 other citizens from the Magic Valley in a nation wide movement to defund Planned Parenthood. I’m not one to quickly join protest without much information on the organizers and the intentions of all the participants.

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This was worth the risk for me.

I was pleased, it was largely a grassroots gathering, loosely organized and peacefully unified and respectful of all the participants. I did not participate with prayers to Mary and I didn’t require anyone to listen in on my Scripture reading and prayers. I was pleased to meet several people in the community with this common desire to see American tax payer funds stop going to Planned Parenthood, period.

My Letter to the Editor in the Twin Falls – Times News has generated mild traffic but heated emotion over the weekend. There is a lot of confusion over who’s statistics are accurate. Planned Parenthood argues that only 3% of their services includes abortions and the Susan B. Anthony foundation argues that it is really 94 – 97% of Planned Parenthood services include abortions. That’s quite a discrepancy and I don’t know which one is the more accurate. (My opinion is that it is indeed higher than 3%, but where is it factually? I have no idea.)

But this much I now know about the Twin Falls Planned Parenthood:

  • They are part of the Planned Parenthood of the North West (like all of Idaho’s Planned Parenthood clinics)
  • The Twin Falls Planned Parenthood clinic applied and was granted a direct grant, Title X. This is tax generated money for women’s health. It is a “competitive bid” process, meaning any women’s health organization is welcome to apply.
  • Twin Falls Planned Parenthood did receive Medicaid money for two murders (abortions) in Twin Falls between 2012-2014. (see chart below)
  • 203 unborn babies were murdered (aborted) in Twin Falls in 2011 (cited in previous posts)
  • Governor Otter has decided not to investigate Idaho Planned Parenthood clinics even though there are now 8 videos (as of Aug. 24, 2015) that show unethical activity is present within the organization of Planned Parenthood.

There is a better option for women’s health in the Magic Valley. Stanton Healthcare provides free healthcare for women regardless of income status. It is Christian based, but it is not required that you be a Christian to receive services. Help spread the word.

It takes work to get clear factual answers, but it can be done. Here is the truth about the state of Idaho and federal tax payer funding of murders (abortions) in Twin Falls, Idaho. This is money that is given directly to Twin Falls Health Center (Planned Parenthood). It is not a lot, but it is tax payer money (Idaho Medicaid) for the purpose of murder (abortion).

I do agree with the arguments being made that other tax payer money given to Planned Parenthood for “other services” frees other money to be spent for murdering (aborting) unborn babies. This is the reason for my opposition for any tax payer money being given to Planned Parenthood, period.


NOTE: post was edited for spelling, grammar and photos by Paul Thompson at 1:59pm, August 24, 2015

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