The Weakness of God

“…and the weakness of God is stronger than men.” (1 Corinthians 1:25b)

It is strange to use the term “weakness” when speaking about an all powerful God. It almost feels blasphemous. I’m not at all comfortable with saying that until I understand it in the powerful conclusion; “…the weakness of God is stronger than men.”

Just this week an Idaho citizen and fellow pastor of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ past his 1,000th day in jail in Iran. His wife, Naghmeh, has just reported that Saeed’s dad was able to have a short visit with him today and that he is encouraged. He told his dad to let us know,

“that for 1000 days he has experienced utter darkness and has died, yet for 1001, he has been resurrected with Christ.”

Oh, follower of the Lord Jesus Christ, not all of us are called to labor in such hardship but all of us are called out, to live differently, daily dying to self, humble lives.

SilasJailToday, where it appears a Christian brother is in bondage to men, behind prison bars, beaten and mocked for his faith, there is a power in God that raises that brother each day.

May you too, experience the weakness of God.

What has you in bondage today? Are your trying to defeat or endure it in your own strength? Why not stop depending on your strength and lean on a liberating power of the “weakness” of God. Your most powerful display and clever genius thought cannot even begin to compete with God at his weakest moment on the cross. Surrender today, be resurrected again.


In light of this; I respect that not all are able, but the church I pastor, Eastside Baptist Church, will gather in prayer again tonight, 6:30pm. We will pray, labor, take the battle ground as prepared men and women to lean into that weakness of God. What will keep you off the battle ground tonight?

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