theBridgeCast (tBC001)

Here it is… the debut episode of theBridgeCast.


For some time I’ve been planning to launch into this venture and have finally jumped in. Back in 1985 (wow that sounds like a long time ago) I was introduced to radio broadcasting through a friend, David Sparks. David was working at the college radio station and would invite me in upon occasion as a guest on his morning show. Eventually David talked me in to taking a shot at applying to work at the station and I was hired to fill a time slot that couldn’t hurt the station.

This online broadcast is quite different than those days at KWLD. I’m not required to have a license from the FCC to broadcast online (I still have my FCC license) I’m not introducing music, I’m not giving time and weather updates, or running public service announcements from the crash test dummies.  

For now, theBridgCast is hosted here. The recording lacks in a few ways but the deadline I set on myself required me to go ahead and publish the broadcast as is. Without any further delay… here is theBridgeCast (tBC001)

Timeline and Links from tBC001 for reference:

tBC001 total length: 00:32:16
Download to mp3 HERE

:00:00 ~ Start/Intro
:00:30 ~ Welcome and Explanation
:03:19 ~ Scripture Reading (James 1:19-27) Hearing and Doing
:10:14 ~ Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs: Tell it to Jesus and Psalm 6
:14:01 ~ Church History: January 1873, Charles Spurgeon article “Acta Non Verba

:30:58 ~ Salutation and plans for January 13, 2014.

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