theBridgeCast (tBC002)

Recently on BridgeCast I interviewed the pastor of First Baptist Church in Provo, UT. Russ Robinson gave me about 45 minutes of his time to answer some question about his life, family, and church. Listen to the conversation and/or download here.

tBC002 timeline: Total length of interview – 51:19

DSCF837800:00 – Intorduction
04:38 – Interview with Russ Robinson
04:55 – Russ and his family
06:50 – Conversion Testimony
16:49 – Just Do Something – Kevin DeYoung, Total Church – Tim Chester & Steve Timmis
21:43 – Good Day To Be The Church (10 Indictments sermon by Paul Washer)
25:02 – Advice to young pastors/church planters
29:50 – Training of Children
36:25 – Time Managment
38:53 – Sermon Preparation
46:19 – Significant Scripture (1 Timothy 4:11-16)
49:31 – Conclusion

Thanks for listening today. May the Lord bless His name by the faithful ministry of the Word that Russ Robinson is committed to through the local church, First Baptist Church in Provo, UT. Share this with others via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, eMail, etc…

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