To the Law and To the Testimony

“To the law and to the testimony!” Isaiah 8:20

There are many influences competing for our attention. All the more for why we must look eagerly for Christ.

The many influences are swaying us to consult them. They sometimes whisper, they may sing, they may shout, they may laugh their way in, but one thing is consistent, regardless of how they attempt to get our attention, they mumble and mutter so we don’t fully understand what they are attempting to do. The child of God will not knowingly turn a deaf ear to God for good.

The influence we give permission to is the one who will eventually begin to drive our life. If there is no light in the influence, then it is sure that it will drive us with an unsatisfied hunger for more darkness. This is what the Apostle Paul means in Romans chapter 1.

No! follower of Christ, to the law (instructions) and to the testimony.

If you notice a growing dislike of godliness and an interest in not loving God, then there is reason to examine who you are letting influence you today.

Rather, consult the oracles of God and resist consulting the wizards of foolishness. Lear to make good use of your bible.

Here are a few things I shared in my sermon on January 21, 2018 from Isaiah 8:16-22.

What use do we make of our Bibles?

  • Speak according to the Bible
  • Do according to the Bible
  • Make this Bible our standard
  • Conform to the precepts of the Bible
  • Take counsel from the Bible
  • Let the Bible illuminate our paths
  • Let the Bible examine our hearts
  • Be nourished by the Bible
  • Be healed by the Bible
  • Define holiness by the Bible
  • Define joy by the Bible

Listen to the entire sermon HERE:

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