Today is “Abortion Day” in Twin Falls

I have a source that is telling me that the Twin Falls Planned Parenthood clinic does not have a doctor to do abortions so they have to bring a doctor in to do this. Planned Parenthood designates these days as “abortion days”.

“Abortion Day” is a day of great contradiction in the city of Twin Falls.

It was mid day on a bitter cold New Year’s Eve that we learned of that bag on the side of the road south of town with a naked baby girl in it; dead. And the right response of any community that hears of this is shocked and outraged.

But today, 27 days later a doctor will arrive at the Twin Falls Planned Parenthood and partner with a mother and “health care” providers to murder babies in the womb. It’s just another day at the office.

This is routine in the city. It happens multiple times a month. Where are the headlines of the babies today that will be murdered by doctors, care givers and mothers partnered together to stop life? Where are the shocked and outraged citizens now?

These are days filled with deep sorrow where life is intentionally taken from an innocent child in the womb of his/her mother. The very place God has ordained as the place where design, forming and developing of life takes place is a place the enemy of God mounts to take battle.

And this battle against life is protected by law and happening in our town on a regular basis. (Other upcoming scheduled “Abortion Days” are Monday, February 1, and Tuesday, February 9.)

What can we do?

  • Keep writing legislators.
  • Vote for politicians who will put a stop to this and defund Planned Parenthood.
  • Elect a county sheriff who will not allow this.
  • Write letters (not rants) to the editor.
  • Share this information with others.
  • Pray with me.


  • Bill Batory

    February 17, 2017 at 9:56 PM Reply

    There is more we can do, and I pray that your church along with others in Twin Falls would join Calvary Chapel Buhl and would quit standing on the side lines talking about ending abortion and get involved in this battle to end the murdering of the UNBORN.

    • Paul

      February 20, 2017 at 10:40 AM Reply

      Hello Bill, Thanks for what you and Calvary Chapel, Buhl are doing in the battle to end the murdering of the unborn.

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