Try Saying…

This generation of the church is more captivated by a blockbuster thriller, superhero comics, social(-less) media, and hero worship of fictional characters portrayed by godless masses than the redeemer, Christ the Lord. This generation of the church expects their church to present truth the same way this world has cast this bewitching spell upon them.

“Entertain me!”, they say.
“You owe me!”, they expect.
“If it doesn’t keep my attention, I’m off to the one that will!”, they actually believe this.

  • Where is the parent who will nurture their children on the Word of God?
  • Where is the husband who will love his wife as Christ loves the church?
  • Where is the wife who will display the glory of God by giving herself only to her husband?
  • Where is the missionary who will set the thrills of this world aside for the call of God to dark prison cells?
  • Where is the church that will trust the sufficiency of Christ?
  • Where is the preacher who will preach eternal truth?
  • Where is the evangelist who will speak of the necessity of the blood of Christ?
  • Where is the sojourner who who knows this is not his home?
  • Where is the neighbor who will consider her neighbor as someone who needs the gospel as desperately as she does?
  • Where is the man of God who will humble himself before the Lord?
  • Where is the woman of God who will display the glory of God in her modesty?
  • Where is the child who will honor his father and mother.

By the grace of God, His people are around. But is this the church you are of? Are you this parent who will nurture in the ways of the Lord? Are you the husband who loves? the wife who helps? the missionary who goes? the church that trusts? the preacher who preaches? the evangelist who speaks? the sojourner with citizenship from above? the neighbor who concerns? the man you are? the woman you are? the child you are?

If so, may the Lord continue to help. If not, say this to the Lord with me today… “I repent of my wayward, distracted devotion.”

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