Unalienable Rights

from “Unalienable Rights” by Richard Owen Roberts, 1993

“Human government is not the invention of the fertile minds of men. The sacred record makes it clear that God Himself first instituted and regulated human government. From the beginning it was unquestionably designed to guarantee the unalienable rights of both the Creator and the created.

The founding fathers of America clearly understood that government had the capacity to hamper or restrict the rights with which God Himself had endowed His people. Many of them had personally experienced the destruction of their own rights by oppressive rulers. It was their profound conviction that when this happened, government should be either altered or abolished and replaced by a new government.

We need to realize that whenever government seeks to grant rights to individuals and classes that God Himself has not endowed, and whenever this granting of rights by humans to humans impinges upon the rights that the Almighty has reserved  for Himself, that government ceases to be of God. Neither is it any longer truly for the people, for the best interest of the governed can never be served by a government which elevates itself to the stature of God. When this happens, either the people themselves will alter or abolish their corrupt government, or God will, in His own time and way, accomplish that nation’s destruction.

God has clearly revealed the specific areas in which He will, throughout all time, control the rights affecting man. These restricted areas were long weighed, regarded, and yielded to by the American people. They are set forth in the Ten Commandments which were, in the early years of our nation, a prominent part of every schoolroom. Their principles were incorporated into our national law and into the laws of our several states. Included in the realms where God never endowed man with the right of choice are His restrictions on man’s relationship to Himself, on the taking of human life, on the use of sex, on the appropriation of the goods and private property of others, and in the regulation of truth and falsehood.”


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