UNICEF and Planned Parenthood: When Government and Private Militia Unite

I would expect there would be a global outrage if an army of 600 militia men, armed for war, burned a peaceful town down. I would likely join the cry for justice.

I would expect Facebook and Twitter would light up with posts for weeks if it was discovered that a father gave his daughters to invaders to do with as they wish. This is wrong on so many levels, and one would find few people to disagree that that father is not only a danger to his children, but to all of civilization.

I would expect a man who chops his dead wife up into twelve equal pieces and then sends those pieces throughout the land to not escape the death penalty.

unicefToday, in our land and around the world, two organizations are largely unchallenged in their injustice, inhumane ways. UNICEF gets its pass because of their clever and well put together commercials and propaganda. Planned Parenthood will cunningly evade the questions on funding while they slaughter theplannedparenthood unborn. Both organizations will gather large sums of money from tax payers in America and individual donors. Making both UNICEF and Planned Parenthood arms of government and private militia. Nearly unstoppable.

I would expect a nation that claims to be a nation under God would not stand for the murdering of 54 million defenseless babies.

This oversight seems unbelievable. Yet, when there is no acknowledgment of God, when men do what is right in their own eyes, a nation can sit quietly by while the act of murdering 3,300 babies today will be protected by law, while babies go unprotected. Citizens of the United States of America, prepare to give your best effort in answering your God. Better, repent of your laziness and pursuit of happiness while this slaughtering takes place in your city today. It is clear, when men do what is right in their own eyes, they will soon be doing what is evil in the eyes of God.

This short documentary is worth the next eight and a half minutes of your time. Thank you Phillip Leclerc.

(HT: Scott Brown)

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