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Last Sunday (10/02), I finished the exposition preaching of the Kings. (full sermon series HERE)

Here are some random (useless) statistics from the sermon series:

  • I began preaching through Kings April 26, 2015.
  • Total sermons recorded: 51 of 53 (I forgot to hit the record button on two sermons.)
  • Total of 2,913 minutes of sermon time.
  • Longest sermon was 82 minutes long (I must have lost track of time.)
  • Shortest sermon was 37 minutes long (many were very concerned about me, thank you for your concern.)
  • Average sermon length was 57 minutes long.
  • My personal favorite phrase was “Saddle up the donkey”. (1 Kings 13:13)

The next step of preaching is always of interest as the conclusion comes about. Here is a look at the next several weeks.

  • October 9: I will give a overview conclusion to the entirety of the Kings
  • October 16: A look back at the times of reformation Eastside has been through over the past several years. A reminder to all and information to others of why we integrate all the ages at our systematic gatherings.
  • October 23: Begin a series of messages (maybe three) on the doctrine of The Fear of God
  • Mid November: Preaching Through the book of Philippians.


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  • Scott LaPierre

    October 5, 2016 at 3:23 PM Reply

    I love Kings (and Chronicles). Glad to see you preach through passages avoided by others.

    82 minutes…that’s hardcore :).

    Did I miss the post with the rubric discussing the winner of the debate?

    In Christ,

    • Paul

      October 5, 2016 at 3:32 PM Reply

      Hey, Scott,

      I haven’t finished writing my debate discussion yet. It is still in draft format.

      That 82 minute sermon… You know, time just got the best of me, my church was patient and endured… that’s a kind church. I needed the time because of the length of the text I took on and the Lord’s dear people endured with grace.

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